N class 31874 Boiler Overhaul Update – September 2015

Work is progressing well on 31874’s boiler at Adam Dalgleish Engineering Ltd. in Stockton. The boiler is the biggest single expenditure of the overhaul due to the amount of work required, most of which is specialist and can only be carried out by a handful of people in the UK.

boiler lift
31874’s boiler as removed

Work to date has mainly consisted of stripping the boiler and cutting out the sections of firebox platework that needed replacing, and forming the new sections of copper and steel platework ready for them to be fitted and welded in to place. The first major step of reassembly to be completed was the welding in of the new copper inner firebox backhead a few weeks ago.

New inner firebox backhead welded in to place

More recent progress with the boiler has included the inner throatplate section being welded in, both inner side plates prepped and fitted ready for welding in next week, the smokebox angle ring being riveted and caulked, and the new section for the foundation ring machined to size before fitting.

Front tubeplate removed
Side view of firebox showing some of the hundreds of stays being renewed
Side view of the firebox showing the lower inner and outer half sides removed
View from the other side showing the same plates being renewed on both sides of the firebox

The work on the boiler is a massive strain on our existing funds, so if you would like to help us reach our fundraising target to finish the overhaul, then please visit the “How to donate” page to see how you can help.