Sponsor a Part for 31874

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For those that want to make a more tangible contribution towards getting the last surviving N class back in steam, we have launched the ‘Sponsor-a-Part’ scheme. We are looking for generous sponsors to cover the cost of individual parts that start from £35.sponsor-a-part-crertificate 900x636
You will receive a certificate describing the part you have sponsored and be named on the role of honour on this website. If the part sponsored is greater than £250 in value you will also receive an invitation entitling you to a footplate ride on the locomotive where you can experience your part in action. If you can’t wait for 31874 to be completed the invitation can be used on 31806 or any of our other locomotives.*


How To Sponsor-a-Part

To Sponsor-a-Part,

  1. Select the part or parts you want to sponsor from the list below.
  2. Download, print and fill out this form. If you can not print the form contact the finance office on 01929 425143 and ask them to send you a Swanage Moguls Sponsor-a-Part form in the post.
  3. Make out a Cheque payable to ‘Swanage Railway Trust’
  4. Post your Cheque and completed form to;

Swanage Railway Trust Moguls Fund
Finance Department.
Station House
Station Road
BH19 1HB

Sponsor-a-Part form, pdf

Parts currently available for Sponsorship. Updated June 2016

Boiler Tubes
Boiler Tubes
The boiler smoke tubes carry the hot gases from the fire box through the water space in the boiler to transfer as much heat as possible to the water. With 173 of them they have a total heating surface area greater than the firebox. They all need replacing every 10 years. 173 Required
138 Remaining
£35.00 each

Fire Grate Rocker carriers
Fire Grate Rocker carriers
A rocking grate enables the ash, clinker and remains of the fire to be dropped out into a pit at the end of the day.  The rocker carrier is part of the rocking grate mechanism and holds the fire bars. 6 Required
Sold Out!
£75.00 each

Fire Grate Fixed Bars
At the front and back of the fire box there is a row of cast iron non-rocking bars. These are the Fixed Bars and together with the Side Bars form a frame around the rocking part of the grate. 3 Required
2 Remaining
£96.00 each

Brake Block
Loco Brake Blocks
Just like a car, loco brake blocks are a consumable and wear out over time. Unlike a car these are about a foot long and solid cast iron! The loco has one on each driving wheel and a new set is required. 6 Required
4 Remaining
£101.74 each

New Brake Block Casting
Tender Brake Block
There is also another six brake blocks required for the six tender wheels. These are a different pattern to the loco blocks and have to be cast to order. Hence they are a bit more expensive. 6 Required
4 Remaining
£151.42 each

Fire Grate Side bars
Similar to the fixed bars there is a row of cast iron non-rocking bars down each side of the fire grate. These are the Side Bars and together with the Fixed Bars form a frame around the rocking part of the grate. 4 Required
1 Remaining
£268.00 each

Numbers & transfers
Each of the cab sides has the number 31874 (which you can buy as 5 separate digits) and power classification 4P5FB. The tender has the BR logo which can be over 2′ long. These are all applied as transfers. 1 Required
Sold Out!
£300.00 each

Flue Tubes
Flue Tubes
Flue Tubes are similar to boiler smoke tubes but bigger. Around 3-4″ in diameter, each tube accommodates a loop of steam pipe so the steam on the way to the cylinder can be heated again by the hot gases to an even higher temperature. This is known as a “super heater”. Like the smoke tubes, they all need to come out and be replaced every 10 years. 21 Required
21 Remaining
£420.00 each

Steel for cab sheeting
The cab was badly rusted from having stood in the open for over 17 years. The frame has been saved and reused but all the sheet steel siding and roof need to be replaced. 1 Required
Sold Out!
£500.00 each

Tender Springs
Tender springs
 Made to order, these are heavy duty leaf springs. 6 Required
6 Remaining
£770.00 each

 Including the undercoats there is a surprising amount of it. 1 Required
1 Remaining
£800.00 each

Loco Springs
Loco Driving wheel springs
 Made to order, these are heavy duty leaf springs. 6 Required
4 Remaining
£970.00 each

 The loco lost its original injectors in Barry Scrap Yard and in preservation has run with an odd pair that are not the right type for the class. The right type are not available, so we will be fitting 31784 with 2 new 10x injectors made by the Severn Valley Railway. This type of injector is fitted to a standard tank and is very reliable. 2 Required
2 Remaining
£4,000.00 each

* Footplate rides are subject to loco availability and must be pre-arranged with Swanage Railway Passenger Services department. Riders must be over 16 years old and in good physical health. No responsibility can be taken for unforeseen loco availability issues. Other conditions apply.